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Big Eyes Coin – The p'urr'fect platform to earn billions

There is a new face in town that doesn't only want to claim the top ranks in the meme coin verse but also wishes to be established as the biggest of all cryptocurrencies. What's more, is that this coin is quite a package of surprises.

Big Eyes Coin The p'urr'fect platform to earn billions-vpn
First Published Sep 5, 2022, 5:47 PM IST

Meme coins are a prime example of power and prosperity in the cryptocurrency market. And with the revival of a bull market, there are many competing for the top spot to rule over the joke currency kingdom.

But there is a new face in town that doesn’t only want to claim the top ranks in the meme coin verse but also wishes to be established as the biggest of all cryptocurrencies. What’s more, is that this coin is quite a package of surprises; bravery, cuteness, a desire to earn wealth, and whiskers, all wrapped up prettily to be the next big thing. Ladies and gentlemen; Big Eyes Coin.

A kitty coin to the rescue

Big Eyes Coin is a cat-based meme coin that’s changing the way meme coins and cryptocurrency are viewed. This community-reliant cryptocurrency was developed to shift wealth into the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem and defend the most vital part of the planet’s ecosystem. Big Eyes is unlike most meme coins in many ways. For one, it has chosen to stray away from the doggy concept most coins have adopted, opting for a cat to run its devices. Another difference lies with its desire for more. Big Eyes wants to earn more, gain more fame, change more lives and cause more differences by developing and executing a blockchain ecosystem that self-propagates hypergrowth. 

Big Eyes intends on using NFTs to achieve this, granting access to extra content and events to persuade others to jump on the blockchain hype-ship. Big Eyes tokens will be large generators of wealth, not just for its community, but also for charity. 

You see, Big Eyes is not just cute visually, but at heart. This adorable little critter wants to do its part to heal the world and has decided to financially support charities that are connected to or own ocean sanctuaries. These sanctuaries have taken on the responsibility of protecting ocean wildlife from the dangers generated by natural and human activities ranging from industrial fishing, and plastic pollution to natural disasters. These sanctuaries give the fish a chance to live stronger and healthier lives, boosting the well-being of the planet’s ecosystem in the process.

Such a pretty kitty coin needs its fans

Big Eyes has set itself on a whole new standard, intending to sell cute. And, we’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty smart look. With its adorable eyes and sad backstory provided in its white paper, Big Eyes is brimming with the potential to be embraced by public figures and celebrities. The coin has what it takes to capture the hearts of nations across the globe, which lines up perfectly with its goal of ending 2022 as the most popular cryptocurrency.

Big Eyes plans to be promoted to the fullest through the media and influencer economy, guaranteeing without a doubt that it’ll top trends in no time. To ensure that this coin is kept in the view of the world, Big eyes have allocated 5% of its tokens into a marketing wallet to fund the execution of its strategies. Big Eyes was raised with the value to be active and intend to maintain that character trait, consistently yearning for growth and development. Its goal is to continue to reign for years to come, by implementing new technological innovations along the line. Big Eyes aims to stay true to its playful nature, remaining at the heart of amusement wherever it goes, ensuring that it is involved and included in the processes promoting humor.

Big Eyes does not plan to be a passing fad, determined to live out its nine lives for as long as it possibly can, cultivating a hospitable and safe environment for users to socialize and engage with one another.

Loads of gifts and rewards await Big Eyes Kitty Cuddlers

Big Eyes users have much to look forward to from the platform, as it aims to be wholly owned and run by its community. Big Eyes has allocated 90% of its tokens to users since day 1 (70% of it was to serve in the pre-sale for purchase and the leftover 20% to be used during exchanges)  and users will get to shop comfortably and enjoyably without incurring taxes. This is also accompanied by a dynamic tax system. Users will be granted the chance to own NFTs that will be amongst the top ten and holders of these NFTs will have access to Big Eyes’ exclusive events and content, such as the Big Eyes Sushi Club.

Big Eyes has a merch shop that will be launched soon to boost the digital and physical popularity of the token, raising funds for charity and the project in the process. Big Eyes’ merch will feature its irresistibly cute, fluffy, sushi-loving mascot, adding warmth and adorable vibes to the lives of others.

Big Eyes Kitty Cuddles will be encouraged for their efforts and trust in the platform through frequent rewards consisting of NFTs and tokens. 

Big Eyes tokenomics

Big Eyes’ platform is ruled by its native token $BIG and there is a supply of 200,000,000,000 tokens. Purchasing or selling these tokens will not generate any tax and as mentioned earlier, 90% of it has been granted to its users. Out of the remaining 10%, half will go to a marketing wallet and the other 5% will be held visibly in a charity wallet. 

BIG’s pre-sale is currently live and there are about 6.5 billion tokens left available for purchase and users can buy 10,000 tokens for the low price of 1 USDT. Big Eyes tokens can be bought with users’ cards, ETH or USDT. To buy the tokens, MetaMask Wallet should be installed in the browser if the user intends to carry out the transaction using a computer device and Trust Wallet if they wish to purchase using a mobile device. 

Big Eyes advises that a minimum of $15 worth of either ETH or USDT is put into the crypto wallet and then, the wallet should be connected. Afterward, users can buy BIG tokens (1,000 BIG is the minimum amount that can be purchased) and they can be claimed once the pre-sale is over.

Big Eyes’ plan of action to world domination 

Big Eyes is a go big or go home kind of kitty, with so many goals lined up, alongside many execution plans. Big Eyes is gripped by the will to stay active, constantly learning and growing and improving to generate wealth for its community and it desires to do well enough to be remembered for generations to come.

And so, it has outlined various points and achievements it wishes to rack in along its journey to fame and fortune.

Stage One: Crouch 

  • Audit of token x3
  • Pre-sale website live
  • Media stunt live
  • Pre-sale live
  • PR machine live
  • Social channels live
  • 15,000 telegram members

Stage Two: Leap

  • Launch of Uniswap
  • Full website live
  • 25,000 Telegram members
  • 20,000 holders
  • First donation to charity
  • Verification of all socials
  • Influencer campaign
  • Media stunt
  • Meme machine at full tilt
  • Community given Big Eyes e-sticker
  • NFT snippets released
  • Big Eyes Swap live
  • Listed on new SWAPS
  • First bridge added
  • Merch shop live

Stage Three: Run 

  • NFT release
  • First NFT exclusive IRL
  • Second donation to charity
  • 50,000 Telegram members
  • 50,000 holders
  • Massive influencer campaign
  • Bigger media stunt
  • Meme machine on overdrive
  • Community Big Eyes e-stickers refreshed

Stage Four: Catwalk

  • All about community events
  • $1 million to charity
  • Bridge more chains
  • Add more swaps
  • NFTs evolve



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