AP government pressurising Amaravathi farmers to register their plots

andhra-pradesh | Monday, November 6th, 2017
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  • AP government has allotted farmers plots in compensation for the agricultural lands they have sacrificed for the new capital Amaravathi
  • The government is now pressurising the farmers to register their plots without even giving them a peek of their plots
  • Farmers are worried as the government has also levelled out cemeteries and allotted it as plots

Amaravathi farmers are being pressurised by the state government for immediate registration of their plots allotted by the Capital Region Development Authority without even giving them a sighting of the plots. The plots were allotted as compensation by the government to the farmers for sacrificing their agricultural lands for the new capital Amaravathi.

Farmers from 29 villages gave 35,000 acres of land to the AP government. As compensation, they were promised well-developed plots with road, water, street lights, drainage and electricity facilities.

But now CRDA officials gave notices to the farmers to register their plots without even showing them where their plots were. Farmers are also demanding for plots according to vaastu.

 Even if the farmers sign the plots as registered, no one knows where the plots are. Apart from this farmers became aware that even burial grounds have been levelled out and marked as plots. Farmers refuse to sign the registers while CRDA officials pressurise them to do so. Once the farmers sign on the dotted line, they wouldn’t have any say whatsoever.   

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