Andhra Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister KE Krishnamurthy on Wednesday, June 6, that he was ready to hang himself if Congress and TDP decide to enter into an alliance in the state.

Krishnamurthy made the remark while answering queries about the claims by the opposition YSR Congress and Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) that TDP is preparing to join hands with Congress for 2019 elections.

And this rumour has been doing rounds for some time now.

But what could TDP gain or lose from joining hands with Congress in the state?


1) TDP and Congress can join hands to defeat the burgeoning influence of BJP in the state. While Chandrababu Naidu has cut the party away from NDA for not giving Andhra Pradesh the special status it deserves, TDP and Congress can completely destroy any chances of BJP making in-roads in the state.

2)  The TDP can also stop YSR Congress and the upstart Jana Sena from making any significant gains in the state. YSRCP too were vehement in condemning BJP over the special status issue and will be left without an ally in the upcoming 2019 state elections.


1) TDP and Congress are considered rivals in the state and if there is another party that even stands a chance at beating TDP in the elections apart from YSRCP, it is the Congress. They will want to prove their might by going solo in the 2019 elections.

2) Within Congress itself there are two groups: one which wants to have a tie-up with YCP, and the other which favours the TDP. And hence if Congress does join TDP, there are chances that the current ruling party may be backstabbed by a portion of Congress.

Congress Party state vice-president N Tulasi Reddy, in a conversation with Asianet Newsable, said, "Congress hasn't thought about joining hands with TDP for the elections. There are chances of a coalition in case of a hung assembly after the elections. But for now, we haven't even thought about it."

On the Deputy Chief Minister's statements, Tulasi Reddy further said, " No one from Congress is asking for TDP's alliance right now. We are not even fighting for an ally. TDP should decide. As of today, we haven't thought of it."

However, sources in the Congress and TDP did not rule out the ‘unthinkable’ happening. Politics makes strange bedfellows and both TDP and Congress will look to keep their options open against the common enemy.