In the case of a mother turning out to be a tormentor, a report claiming that a 15-year-old daughter, allegedly pimped her out to a paedophile aged 53 has emerged from Virginia, United States.

The accused William Hooper is a rich yacht owner who has plead innocence. He allegedly asked the girl to pose nude and in compromising positions and later had sex with her. The man is said to have paid the mother a huge sum in cash at the time.

Reports state that the victim’s mother would take the girl to a 59-foot, a yacht owned by Hooper, where the act would be carried out, despite the daughter resisting the man’s attempts.

The victim narrated an ordeal that she went through in the yacht at the hands of the 53-year-old man.

The incident was reported last year between April-June, and the hearing of the case will come up on March 30.

Both Hooper and the victim's mother are in jail awaiting their trial.

Hooper also undergone bypass surgery while in jail.

The victim is said to be undergoing psychological counselling and may later turn up before a judge to testify.