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Israel-Hamas war: IDF uncovers weapon cache in child's bedroom in Gaza (WATCH)

In the vicinity of Gaza City's Daraj and Tuffah neighborhoods, IDF uncovered a substantial weapons cache within a residential dwelling. Among the discoveries made in one of the homes were dozens of assault rifles, grenades, and RPGs, all concealed in a children's bedroom.

Israel Hamas war: IDF uncovers weapon cache in child's bedroom in Gaza (WATCH) snt
First Published Dec 26, 2023, 5:39 PM IST

In a recent operation in the Daraj and Tuffah neighborhoods of Gaza City, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) made a significant discovery, uncovering a large cache of weapons hidden inside a home. The find, including assault rifles, grenades, and RPGs, highlights the ongoing challenges posed by terrorist organizations, specifically Hamas, in utilizing civilian areas for illicit activities.

The operation was carried out by troops from the Nahal Brigade’s 931st Battalion, responding to multiple encounters with Hamas operatives in the targeted area. The IDF statement indicates that these encounters prompted the troops to conduct raids on locations believed to be used by Hamas for their operations.

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Among the findings, one particular discovery stands out – a children's bedroom housing dozens of assault rifles, grenades, and RPGs. The revelation paints a grim picture of the tactics employed by Hamas, using civilian dwellings to conceal weapons and carry out their illicit activities. This not only poses a direct threat to the security forces but also endangers the lives of innocent civilians living in proximity to such weapon caches.

The IDF emphasizes that this discovery is yet another example of Hamas attempting to hide weapons and engage in terror activities under the cover of civilian areas. The use of civilian infrastructure for military purposes is a tactic employed by various terrorist organizations, complicating efforts to target them without collateral damage.

The uncovering of this weapons cache raises questions about the extent of such activities in civilian-populated areas and the challenges faced by security forces in differentiating between civilian and military targets. It also underscores the importance of intelligence and targeted operations to minimize civilian casualties while effectively countering the threat posed by terrorist organizations.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Tuesday revealed that Israel is under attack in seven distinct theaters during the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip. The military has already initiated responses in six of these theaters, addressing the multifaceted challenges posed by the conflict.

“We are in a multi-front war. We are being attacked from seven different arenas: Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, [the West Bank], Iraq, Yemen, and Iran,” said Gallant at a meeting of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

He added, "We have already responded and acted in six of these areas, and I say here in the clearest way: Anyone who acts against us is a potential target, there is no immunity for anyone."

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Gallant said that the war in Gaza will be 'a long, hard war. It has costs — heavy costs — but its justification is the highest that can be'.

"Without meeting the goals of the war, we will find ourselves in a situation where… the problem will be that people will not want to live in a place where we do not know how to protect them," he told the committee.

"We need determination, endurance, strength, and national cohesion with the goals. It is a battle in which the one who survives is the one who is stronger at the national level, in its values, and in its unity. This is a battle of national determination, and I tell you that we will defeat Hamas," he concluded.

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