Doha: As a continuation to the Moscow and Qatar conferences, China on Tuesday will meet with representatives of the Taliban to find a resolution to the Afghan issue, Zabihullah, official spokesperson of the Taliban announced on Twitter.

The upcoming intra-Afghan conference will be held in Beijing.

"China invited the IEA delegation led by M Baradar Akhund to participate in the conference. The meeting will be a continuation of Moscow and Qatar conferences," his tweet read.

Led by Taliban leader M Baradar Akhund, representatives of the International Energy Agency (IEA) delegation and all other attendees will participate in an individual capacity and present personal views on finding a resolution to the Afghan issue, his tweet added.

Earlier in the day, Akhund also known as M. Abdul Gani Baradar, along with his delegation met with China's Special Representative for Afghanistan Deng Xijun and the Ambassador of China to Qatar.

Both the sides discussed upcoming intra-Afghan conference in Beijing and the ongoing peace process between the US and the Taliban.

Ever since US President Donald Trump abruptly cancelled months-long talks between US officials and the Taliban, the terrorist group has approached various countries to make a breakthrough in the peace process.

Taliban has escalated its offensive after the collapse of talks. It has carried out various suicide bombings in several provinces of the country. (ANI)