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Argentine President Javier Milei kisses girlfriend on stage, takes audience by surprise (WATCH)

The video of the moment goes viral, sparking discussions globally. Florez, a popular comedian, and Milei have been seen sharing public displays of affection before, including a televised kiss after the presidential election. 

Argentine President Javier Milei kisses girlfriend on stage, takes audience by surprise (WATCH)
First Published Jan 1, 2024, 5:17 PM IST

Argentina's newly elected President, Javier Milei, made headlines as he attended his girlfriend Fatima Florez's latest concert on Friday. A video capturing the President passionately kissing Florez onstage has gone viral, sparking discussions worldwide. Florez, adorned in a golden leotard, shared the stage with President Milei during the event, held at the Roxy Theater.

President Milei, who arrived at the venue at 9:40 pm, reportedly purchased tickets for the concert from his personal funds, according to local news outlet Clarin. Prior to the intimate moment, the President addressed the audience, acknowledging the challenging times ahead for Argentina while emphasizing the need for the country to progress.

This public display of affection is not the first for the couple, as they were previously seen sharing a kiss on live television after the conclusion of the presidential election in November. President Milei was accompanied at the theatre by his sister Kareena and his security chief.

The romantic connection between the President and Florez blossomed after they met on a talk show following Florez's separation from her then-husband. Expressing gratitude for the President's presence at the event, Florez joined him, and the two left together.

Their initial interaction began on Instagram, evolving into a natural and gradual progression of their relationship. During an interview, Florez playfully remarked on the President's loneliness in his significant role. In October, the couple made a joint appearance on another talk show, confirming their romantic involvement.

The charismatic President, often compared to Trump, has recently advocated for economic shock treatment for the country, positioning himself as a bold force for change in Argentina. The President's public appearances with Florez continue to captivate the public's attention, blending politics and entertainment on the global stage.

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