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Watch: Lion bites off zookeeper's finger after he sticks his hand into the cage

A video of a lion biting off a zookeeper's finger at a Zoo in Jamaica after he sticks his hand into the cage is making rounds on the internet, and netizens are terrified after watching it.

Watch Lion bites off zookeeper's finger after he sticks his hand into the cage-tgy
Bengaluru, First Published May 23, 2022, 6:37 PM IST

The internet is loaded with animal videos. Their adorable faces and moments can always leave us delighted. But there are also videos of animal attacks that are spine chilling. One such video of a lion biting a zookeeper's finger is making rounds on social media that has left the netizens horrified.

We have always come across seeing the zookeepers easily and courageously petting animals in captivity. While those adorable panda videos with the caretakers make our day brighter, the internet is also filled with videos of how animals in captivity can attack their keepers. Recently, a Jamaican zookeeper got bitten by a lion while petting the big cat.

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In the video, a zookeeper can be seen putting his hand through the fence of a lion and entertaining the zoo visitors. But the lion seems not to be happy with his actions and tries to warn him by growling and showing its teeth. The man, despite several warnings, continues to tease the lion. At a particular moment, the angry lion bitted the man's hand and pulled him towards the fence.

The man's fingers got stuck entirely in the lion's mouth, and he screamed out in pain. Even though the man tries his best to get rid of the lion, the giant beast holds out his fingers more firmly and pulls again to the fence. The visitors who were witnessing the terrific incident can be seen busy capturing the horrific incident on their phones.

After a few moments of helpless struggle, the man pulls out his fingers from the lion's mouth but rips off his entire flesh and tendon of the top section of his finger. We want to alert you that the video is not for the faint hearts. Take a look:

An eye-witness told the Jamaica Observer, a daily newspaper in Jamaica, that everyone who witnessed the incident thought it was a joke from the zookeeper as they always put out such shows for the visitors. But as the zookeeper fell to the ground, everyone realised that it was for real, which made everyone panic. As per the reports by the publication, the zookeeper lost the entire skin and the first joint of his finger.

However, the video shared by a Twitter user went crazy viral and left the netizens terrified. The video has gathered around 4 million views in just a few hours of being online. Netizens got divided over the incident and loaded the comment section with their opinions.

A group of people criticised the zookeeper for his irresponsible act and claimed that he deserved that for his stupidity. At the same time, another group of people criticised the visitors for filming the incident and not helping the guy during such a terrible time. In contrast, many users stated that the zookeeper was antagonizing the lion and got what he deserved.

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