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Monkey bends a tree branch to help deer eat leaves; viral video amazed netizens

A viral video shared by IFS officer Susanta Nanda shows a pleasant coexistence between two species. The video shows a monkey sitting at one end of the branch, lowering it by pulling and helping the deer to eat the leaves.

Monkey bends a tree branch to help deer eat leaves; viral video amazed netizens - gps
First Published Dec 14, 2022, 5:59 PM IST

The social media platform is filled with diverse videos capturing interactions between different species of animals. While some footage shows them fighting, others display sweet relations between the creatures. Animals depend on each other to survive and often were seen helping each other. One such video surfaced online and amazed social media users.

Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda shared this video on the micro-blogging site and mentioned monkey and deer friendship in the forest.

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The 28-second-long video starts with the two deer standing under a tree attempting to eat leaves. However, they cannot eat it as the branch is too high. That's when a monkey stands over the tree branch to lower it and help deer munch the fresh leaves. The helpful, mischievous monkey was also seen moving the tree branch upwards and downwards to allow its deer friends to eat plenty of leaves.

After being shared online, the video accumulated over 59K views and 2.1K likes. The viral clip gained much love from social media users on the Internet. Netizens also expressed their opinions in the comments section. A user wrote, "We touching! Which place is this? I appreciate the people carrying on with their work and not disturbing the wildlife!" Another person commented, "Even animals collaborate, they never compare religion or species to ban others."  

A few months back, one such video of a chicken taking an Uber ride went viral. The footage shows a chicken riding a tortoise, and the exciting element in the video is the 'Uber' tag set on the tortoise. Also, another video of a male orangutan feeding and playing with three baby tiger cubs like a mother has made netizens emotional.

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