Former CM Siddaramaiah has courted controversy by making comment on consumption of beef. He said eating beef is his choice and BJP should not question him.

What made the former CM more upset is, his own partymen cornered him in this issue and remained silent when his opponents were tearing him apart.

Speaking at the foundation day of Congress on Monday evening, Siddaramaiah said "They (public) are free to choose what they eat. I do not force them on this issue. But they (BJP) have no right to stop me from eating something."

Siddaramaiah pointed out at Congress leaders who were silent when he was targeted by BJP on this issue in the past.

He also appealed to Congress workers to come out of the dilemma. Asking the party workers to preach Hindutva practiced by Mahatma Gandhi and Gopal Krishna Gokhale, he said, Congress can grow only if its workers have commitment towards the Congress' ideological principles like social justice, universal brotherhood and others.