Now, the Delhi High Court has said that it will accept the blue ticks as a proof of receipt of a legal notice served. This came to light when a man in Delhi requested the court an order to restrict his son and daughter-in-law and her parents from trespassing into his property, according to a report in The Indian Express.

When the court asked him to send a legal notice, he said that would take long. It was then they told him that the legal notice could be sent over WhatApp and once the double blue ticks appear, it could serve as a proof of receipt.

WhatsApp and email have become a part of Delhi High court's judicial proceedings. It should be noted that WhatsApp had introduced the blue ticks feature in 2014. However, it is optional and one can easily disable it. However, if you disable it, you won't be able to see read receipts either.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp's 2016 privacy policy has pushed it in troubled waters. According to a PTI report, the Supreme Court was “concerned” whether the citizens’ rights were being affected by WhatsApp’s 2016 privacy policy and asked the Centre what steps could it take for the “protection” of users till a regulation is framed.