Keyur Joshi, co-founder of MakeMyTrip, took to Twitter to express his opinion about the most sensitive topic in India - Beef ban. In his tweets he mentioned that if Hinduism is not letting him choose the food he eats, than he rather not be a Hindu. Joshi said he is a vegetarian, but will start eating beef only in India to support freedom for food. he also mentioned that he is a supporter of Narendra Modi. 

Take a look at the tweets below:

Soon, many took to Twitter to vent out their anger over his remark. Some users started uninstalling the Make My Trip app, and #Boycott MakeMyTrip started trending.

Usually when a founder of a company has an opinion that doesn't sit well with people, it's the company that bears the brunt. In case of Make My Trip, it's no different. may be that's why Keyur Joshi seems to have deleted his twitter account. However, it shows how the social media jumps the gun without any fact check, as Joshi is no longer associated with MakeMyTrip.