Bonnie Kalanick, 71 and her husband Donald Kalanick, 78 met with an accident when their boat hit rock and sand, sinking it in the Pine Flat lake in Fresno, California. While Bonnie died in the fateful accident, her husband was left stranded for hours before being rescued. He was taken to the hospital in a critical condition.

Image: Travis Kalanick/ Facebook

According to Dailymail report, Mrs Kalanick died at the scene. Along with the couple, was their dog, who has survived the accident. It was only when the the Sheriff’s Office Boating Enforcement Unit that patrolling the river saw debris, the couple was found.

Though Travis hasn't said anything yet, Uber has released a statement expressing company's condolences. Travis who is close to his parents had recently tweeted a photo with his parents.

Uber's Senior Vice President Liane Hornsey wrote an email to the staff, a copy of which is with DailyMail, and it reads: "I'm writing to share some heartbreaking news. Last night Travis' mother died in a tragic boating accident near Fresno. His father, who was also on the boat, is in serious condition and is being treated at the hospital. This is an unthinkable tragedy as everyone in the Uber family knows how incredibly close Travis is to his parents. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family, and we wanted to let his Uber family know right away.