This smart wallet on the Kickstarter campaign (via YankoDesign) is a slim wallet fitted with a solar as well as USB recharge.

It will look like a usual wallet until you pull out the cord and connect your phone. This will add 10 hours of additional battery life to your device when on-the-go, without the need to carry a bulky power bank.

It will come handy as your usual wallet that can store cash and up to eight cards. "We use the finest quality hand-dressed Nappa leather - it’s so soft, you’ll wish you had it as a pillow to sleep at night," the company writes.

It comes with built-in RFID protection. The RFID protection helps protect users from identity theft and it also has a spring type money clip for holding your cash. The item ringer feature that works with the TrackR app can loudly ring the solar wallet if you've misplaced it.

As an introductory offer, it will be available at 50 percent off with a price tag that reads $99, which translates to roughly Rs 6000. You can look at the prices here.