If you have suddenly starting seeing friends posting a reply to some anonymous messages they received, please be assured you are not the only one. It is the latest trend called the Sarahah app that has taken the Internet by storm.

While the app aims at getting some genuine feedback. It was originally meant for giving anonymous employee feedback to bosses. As it is made available on Android and iOS, Sarahah will let you send anonymous messages to people. So, you can tell that crush you haven't ever spoken to, give an opinion to someone you've been hesitating to talk to, and so on. 

While the reason why Sarahah was launched may have been some genuine feedback, but there will always be malicious minds out there using it to troll (and scare) others. And, makes it a perfect place for cyber-bullying. 

The Facebook post (seen above) has started floating online and clearly explains to what extend such cyber bullying can harm people. Not everyone is strong. And, it is not always necessary to follow the herd of trends. And, just in case you think you are in it looking for some genuine feedback, then don't be surprised to see anonymous haters who are happy to share bucket-load of hate messages. 

And, even if you have been genuinely sharing smiles via this app, don't be surprised to come across some really nasty people. A girl reportedly (via TheQuint) took to Twitter to explain why she is deleting the app, and posted a screenshot of an anonymous message she received. And, this shows how a nameless person, who deserves to be behind the bars, could give you a scare. 

Image: Twitter

"I'm horrified. And I'd like people to not tell me it was my fault for downloading an app," she wrote in a series of tweets. "To the person who sent me a rape threat on sarahah: thank you for making me shake in my chair and worry for my safety," she said.

The truth is Sarahah screams 'cyber bully' out loud.