Reliance Jio is ready to take the mobile world by storm by launching its all-new 4G VoLTE capable phone for Indian citizens for ‘free’. It aims to bridge the gap between affordability and 4G data. This phone is priced at Rs 0, but you will have to cough up a fully refundable sum of Rs 1500. You can get back the money after three years.

1. How to buy Jio Phone?

One needs to pre-book a Jio Phone either online or offline. One needs to pay the Rs 1500 deposit while pre-booking. Users will receive the device next month.

2. Can I book my JioPhone now?

JioPhone pre-bookings started on 24 August. Due to heavy demand the servers were down and the company had to halt the pre-bookings after taking nearly millions of pre-orders.

3. So, when can I buy the Jio Phone?

As the pre-bookings have been halted, you will have to wait until Jio starts taking orders again. For now, you can register for the device here.

4. How will I know when Jio starts the pre-bookings?

Once you register here, Jio will keep you posted as soon as the pre-booking resumes.

5. What are the data plans supported by the JioPhone?

So, far the plans include the one priced at Rs 153 for free 4G data along with unlimited calls and SMS. There will also be access to Jio apps. And, the unlimited data will come with a cap of 0.5GB 4G data per day. The speed will be 128kbps once you have exhausted the 0.5GB 4G data per day. There will also be small data sachets priced at Rs 23 and Rs 53.