This may sound clichéd but you will be struck with nostalgia as soon as you hold the Nokia 3310. The sturdy build quality with a touch of the modern look, makes the device a eye candy. It's an eye candy dipped in grey, yellow, blue and red colour options. While the red wasn't on display, the yellow is a stunner and we loved the subtle grey too. 

Its lighter, easy to use with one hand and those clickable buttons would instantly take you back in time. In terms of sturdiness, looks like nothing has changed. It's nice that Nokia added a dash of modern hint to it, and those peppy colours further add to the zing. 


Before we start talking about Nokia 3310’s hardware, let's remember that it’s a comeback of a device after 17 years that is trying to connect users with an era when phones weren’t how we see them today. It's not a smartphone, but the specs are decent enough to consider it as your secondary device. A device that could come handy in case you've exhausted your smartphone battery.

It’s no more a monochrome display, rather a 2.4-inch display with 240 x 320 pixels of resolution. Do not expect crisp and peppy colours.

Under the hood, a 2MP camera sensor is fitted on the rear along with flash. And, Bluetooth support can help you transfer images. Now, do not expect superior image quality.

Besides, it comes with the microUSB port for easier transfers. It has only 16MB onboard storage, and so we are glad HMD-owned Nokia has added a 32GB expandable memory slot. A standard 3.5mn headphone jack has also been included.

On the battery front, Nokia comes equipped with a 1200mAh battery that promises 22 hours of talk time and 31 days of standby time.


It runs Series S30+ Operating Systems. The interface and graphics are really old school, just as we had expected. There was no connecting people animation, but we were greeted with the boot up tune, bringing an instant smile on our faces. 

There's a web browser, but we didn't get the chance to use it. There's the popular torch app, a handy tool. Add in MP3 Player and FM Radio too.

The highlight is the Snake game that we saw in Nokia phones. It's no more monochrome and comes with a dash of colour. The game isn't as the old one, but still addictive, for the limited time we spent with it.

What we think about the Nokia 3310

From the boot up tune to the snake game, Nokia 3310 is about nostalgia. But, that's probably not the only factor working in its favour. We loved the modern touch of design given to the retro device, and features like Bluetooth, MP3 and standard 3.5mm audio jack are appreciated.

It's not your smartphone that offer slick usage and efficient performance, but could easily serve as a secondary device that you can rely on when your smartphone battery goes kaput.

All in all, in the limited time we spent with it, we loved it! If you have Rs 3310 to spare, and looking for a secondary device, go buy it!