Uber has a list of guidelines that commuters using the app aggregator have to abide by in every city it has its presence. Thes ground rules are for everyone, whether you are a passenger or driver.


To begin with, Uber asks everyone to treat each other with respect, and ideally that shouldn't be very difficult. So, no swearing, slamming the door or shouting. If you like snacking on the way or sipping a cooler, then Uber expects you to take away the trash and clean up if you've spilled the drink. 


No not comment on co-passengers and also try and avoid judging people who are just sharing a ride. Do not be an annoying co-passenger who takes phone calls and is loud enough to disturb just about everyone. Uber has reminded users, it has a 'no sex' rule and no sexual contact between drivers, riders. Also, for some perverts, your co-passenger is there for a convenient travel option, do not flirt or touch people in the car. 

The list doesn't end here and the taxi service has further listed out reasons that could lead you to lose your access to Uber permanently such as vomiting due to excessive alcohol consumption. In case such "problematic behaviour" comes to Ubers notice, actions of the drivers/riders will be investigated and, if confirmed, lead to permanent deactivation of the account, it added.


Drivers can lose access to Uber if quality of their service suffers based on star ratings, cancellation and acceptance rates. The guidelines are being released in 11 languages in all 26 cities where Uber operates in India. Uber has more than 2.5 lakh vehicles associated with it across major Indian cities.


In 2015, Uber was banned in Delhi after the alleged rape of a 27-year old woman executive.


With inputs from PTI