Motorola is known to launch smartphones with shatterproof displays such as Droid Turbo 2, Moto Z Force and Moto Z2 Force, and now its upcoming device could feature a self-healing display. Yes, a display capable of repairing itself.

The patent (via TheVerge) shows that Motorola has already been working on such a screen technology with self-healing capabilities. This essentially means with a screen technology that can fix scratches on its own.

So, if there are scratches some other minor damages, then heat could be applied to fix the unit. However, Motorola has also reportedly added that this cannot be the perfect solution. In case, the screen accidentally breaks, then they will have to consider buying a new unit.

This isn’t something novel as we've seen similar technology from LG that had introduced some self-healing elements. For instance, the G Flex 2 had a self healing back.

The new displays won’t be built of glass that you see in phones, but rather something called 'shape memory polymer'. Thermal elements will be integrated into the coating over the glass that will heal cracks when heat is applied. So, your body heat will be able to heal your phone’s cracked screen if this technology is implemented into a device.