Now, a new malware called Judy is said to have infected somewhere between 8.5 to 36.5 million devices. Check Point, who discovered the malware, has already alerted Google. In fact, reports claim that Google has started removing the infected apps from the Play Store.​

As an Android user, you have to start taking security seriously. Here are some ways in which you could protect your device. Let's start with the most basic thing - password. Whether it’s your Google account or passwords you create when registering for an app, your passwords have to be strong enough and most likely a mix of letters, numbers, special characters and so on.

Do not use the same password for multiple accounts, and do not save your password, debit/credit card details on your phone. You can take a look at the infographic here on do's and don’ts about creating a password.

Google Play Store has numerous apps listed and most are free to use. However, one has to be sure that the app is from a reliable developer or known company before downloading it. Take a closer look at app permissions, and ensure you are not giving away too much of private information. If there is an update on your device from Google, ensure that you install it. 

Most of us look up for free Wi-Fi when travelling, but one must ensure not to share any private information. It is important to install a reliable anti-virus on your device that will alert about malware, malicious links and so on. You can take a look at 5 best free anti-virus solutions for your Android device here