While we've already seen how you can register for the JioPhone online and pre-book a unit, lets now take a look how the device can be bought at offline stores.

JioPhone was launched at the recently held Reliance AGM wherein the device was launched at Rs 0. However, one will have to pay a fully refundable amount of Rs 1500. A report by Gadgets360, citing an offline retailer, offers further details on how to book it offline. Though the bookings are believed to kickoff from 24 August, the report adds that some offline retailers have opened bookings. 

As per the report, users will have to visit an authorised Jio retailer. They will be able to book one phone against one Aadhaar card. So, yes, do not forget to carry your Aadhaar.

Now, you don't need to pay for the refundable Rs 1500 when you book the unit, and will have to shell out the money only once you go to pick the unit from the store, adds the report. You will get back the refundable amount after 36 months, while the JioPhone will be available for users in September.