Apple is categorizing your 'bra' photos

Yes, you heard that right! While Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is feed content to teach it to categorise photos, Apple has added 'brassiere' to the list of items. 

Twitter users have been revealing that searching for the term brassiere categorises photos featuring a bra into a separate group. The buzz isn't just about forming such a category, but it has surprised many who didn't know that such an image categorising feature exists.

Apple Photos section has the feature that was included last year. It reads, “Photos even recognises scenes or objects in your photos, so you can search for things like dogs, beaches, mountains, or flowers."

Developer Kenny Yin has penned a post on Medium claiming the app can recognise seven different facial expressions and 4,432 keywords including 'brassiere'.

TheVerge points out that Google Photos does the exact same thing. So, when you search “brassiere”, all the photos are categorised together. However, the photos are stored on the cloud in Google’s servers.