Google is known to doodle to mark popular events, and this time it has a doodle in the form an extremely addictive game that may keep you glued to the screen. It's the game of cricket.

For cricket fans, the doodle brings a game of crickets (the team of insects that is batting) vs snails (the bowling team). You will be batting and playing against the snails.

The doodle shows the logo with 'o' replaced by the play button. Once you hit on play, the game begins. it's simple as need to simply click to bat as the ball approaches. The game is highly addictive, and you could find yourself glued to the screen for longer than expected.

Champions Trophy 2017 that begins today in England and Wales will see eight countries participate - India, Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, England, South Africa and New Zealand.

Meanwhile, Facebook has also launched profile frames that will be available throughout the tournament. So, during the tournament, you may see a message from Facebook on your profile inviting you to add a profile frame to support your favourite team if you've liked one of the pages or teams competing. You can then select the length of time you'd like to feature the profile frame in your profile picture and select “Use as Profile Picture. You can update the profile frames here.