GearEye ensures all your things are organised, tracked and easy to locate. It is based on RFID technology. Placing an RFID GearTag on each of your devices means everything will be easily accounted for, and this can be done with a simple tap on your smartphone. 

Image: GearEye

In case something goes missing, it helps you locate it within its range. GearEye works using tiny, inexpensive, battery-free RFID adhesive GearTags. These GearTags use a powerful adhesive and are easy to apply on almost every surface, claims the company.  The GearEye app also provides additional functionalities such as customized lists.

You can curate lists of several equipment. GearEye claims that it chose RFID over BLE or Bluetooth technology as it wanted to make a complete gear management solution that can keep track of multiple devices, and not just one or two. RFID is inexpensive, versatile way of tracking equipment and doesn't depend upon batteries.

It is accompanied by a GearEye dongle, once you tap on the app to scan, it will quickly check if all items are present and you are good to go. If something is missing, pull out teh dongle and place it against your phone. It will then use the phone's accelerometer and gyroscope to understand if the device is within the bag. If it is still missing, you can hit 'locate' and it will help you find the item. 

The Kickstart campaign lets you own one at an early bird price of $199 for a standard pack.