A couple of years ago, the Hike app, tried to gain users by luring them to install the app and enjoy a certain incentive. And the government plans a similar strategy, sort of, for its pet project - the Bhim app.

According to a LiveMint report, A.P. Hota, MD & CEO, NPCI said the referral scheme for the BHIM app is aimed at digitally literate people who can spread the use of digital payments and get rewarded.

According to the report, both referrer and referee will earn under the scheme. The referrer can get Rs 10 if he or she manages to encourage the referee to download the BHIM App, use the referral code and make three transactions amounting to as low as Rs 50. On the other hand, the referee will get Rs 25.

Meanwhile, a report by Bangalore Mirror states that the Department of Technical Education has passed a circular asking students to install the Bhim app, and also encourage their friends and family members to do so. It further adds that the college will adjudge the best student depending upon their use of the app. 

In the bid to further push for a cashless society, PM Narendra Modi had launched BHIM or Bharat Interface for India late last year. The UPI app has been developed by the National Corporation of India (NPCI).