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5 apps to use when Bengaluru traffic brings you to a halt

  • Beat Bengaluru traffic with your smartphone apps
  • Unleash your creativity, listen to music, read and destress
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First Published Nov 9, 2016, 9:50 AM IST


‘Traffic is only one of the side effects of growth,’ said Roy Barnes, an American politician. If we were to use that in relation to our city of Bengaluru, then you might as well nod your head in agreement.



On the road, stuck in traffic is where most of the city spends its mornings. By the time you reach your destination – home or job - you have swallowed a whole of smoke, been screamed at or goaded for being slow and generally distressed. Well, since we are mostly glued to our smartphones along our commutes (even the motorcycle riders), we might as well make the most of it. We give you five apps to use that will help you destress in traffic. However, please be warned this is no excuse to disregard traffic rules or cause fellow travellers any inconvenience.



1. Pocket: For the voracious reader
















You don’t need an internet connection for this. So read up all you want without worrying about precious GB. It collates all that you want to read at a later time. So just select what you want to keep for reading later on and 120 minutes in a span of every ten minutes is pretty much enough to get your mind off the road. It also has browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, and a bookmarklet that works in any browser.



Available on: Android and iOS



Price: Free


2. Savvn: For the love of music
















Music is the best way to beat boredom, especially when you have nothing but time to kill. Download the Savvn app and get your dose of music right away. Enjoy expertly curated playlists in Hindi, English, and Indian regional languages, for every mood. From the Kishore Kumar fan to those who like to sway to Yo Yo Honey Singh, there are songs for you. No need to download, just create an online playlist and get going. Don't know what you want? Browse, select and enjoy. After all its better than the blaring horns.


Available on: Android and iOS



Price: Free, In-app purchases present



3. Keezy : For the music composers 


Image source:














Keezy is how you can invent music and that too without the expense of a recording studio. It is suitable for toddlers, professional musicians, and everyone in between! You get 8 coloured tiles. You can record a sound into each one. After recording, tap the tile to play it back, or press and hold to loop. Once you've got it down, record and share! You can even beatbox in between, create a whole new vibe or even harmonise with your own voice.


Available on: iOS


Android users can check out Drum pads 24


Price: Free


4.Draw Something : For the love of art

















Drawing games are fun! It requires your creativity and skill. Use your imagination, innovation to draw your own masterpiece.It freshens up your mood, makes you positive and you can play it with your friends or players from around the world. Try it out, you may surprise yourself. It gives you a basic colour palatte and gives you virtual coins for your achievement. Absolute stress buster and you can even draw stick figures. It’s up to the other player to figure it out.



Available on: Android and iOS



Price: Free




5. HaikuJam: For the love of poetry

















If you are feeling creative on the go then HaikuJam is just for you. If you find inspiration while haggling with the autorickshaw drivers or while waiting to board the bus, let the creative juices flow. This is a social writing app where people write stories and poetry together. You can either write with strangers around the world or form 'circles' with your friends. To start writing, simply hit the jam button and write a line about anything - within minutes, two other people will add a line and finish your jam. Spread the creative vibe.



Available on: Android and iOS



Price: Free



 Note: Candy Crush is harmful for users as they result in unfriending on Facebook, hence not listed



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