Putting an end to the string of rumours whether Apple will or will not make in India, a Wall Street Journal report reveals that Karnataka state officials have confirmed that Wistron Corp has started building the iPhone SE.

Meanwhile, Apple in an official statement sent to several media houses has also confirmed that the company has begun the initial production of a small number of iPhone SE units.

Going by the previous reports, the company is likely to sell the devices only in India, which means we won't be an export hub anytime soon. However, the report further adds that the phones could be sold only in Karnataka where they are being manufactured.

So, Bengaluru users will finally get their hands on 'Made in India' iPhones. In March, Karnataka IT Minister Priyank Kharge had said, "Assembling and making of iPhones in Bengaluru will boost Apple's chances of gaining a foothold in the fast growing Indian market because it will allow the company to lower prices”.

It's been a while that we've been hearing about Apple's Make in India plans. Bengaluru is excited about the company's plans to start assembling here, especially considering the flip-flop about Apple's demands getting a nod from the government.

Let’s get this straight first – these companies will be assembling the devices in India, and not building. We can’t per se manufacture a device in India because we don’t have the infrastructure or ecosystem to do so, yet. ‘Make in India’ and ‘manufacture in India’ are two very different things at the moment.