The 500 households at Bagganadu village in Chitradurga have Sudeep everywhere, and just to be clear, this is not a scene from his latest movie Mukunda Murari, where he plays Lord Krishna. Every house and shop here has Sudeep’s photo kept in an altar-like place. Children have Sudeep tattoos on their hands.


However, Sudeep himself was unaware of such a worship being conducted in his name. He was quick to react that he was no god. But he said, he would always be grateful to the people of the village for loving him so much.


The village has been worshipping him from the time he became popular in the Sandalwood, i.e., from least 15 years ago.


What’s more, recently, Kichcha took to Twitter and said “Dono hw to react to this.Wats it about me tats making these people worship me..its just love tat I wanted to earn..Wil go n meet em all soon”


Every Tuesday, the residents perform a pooja for Kariyamma Devi. At the same time, Sudeep’s photograph also is placed by Devi’s side and he gets the pooja.

If every village is full of cut-outs gods and goddesses during Karthika festival, Bagganadu is full of Sudeep’s cut-outs.

 So how's that for bizarre?