"We need more Muslim lady doctors," says popular Simsarul Haq Hudawi, an  Islamic preacher and Quran scholar from Kerala. At the outset, this may sound progressive. But the reason behind his exhortation for more Muslim women doctors is repulsive, if not regressive.


Muslim women consulting non-Muslim doctors, especially a non-Muslim male, is Haram (sinful), says the self-proclaimed Islamic scholar and 'moral orator'. "Ideally, go to a Muslim female doctor," Hudawi said in one of his public speeches recently. 


"If a Muslim female doctor is not readily available, try for a non-Muslim woman. Check for a Muslim male gynaecologist if you can't find any female doctors around. Consulting a  non-Muslim male doctor should be the last option," Hudawi said. Even if you have to travel some distance to find a Muslim doctor, it is the ideal thing to protect the faith, the scholar opined. 


The Sunni 'moral orator' also warns husbands against allowing their women inside the male gynaecologist's consulting room. "The male doctor would see the 'aurat' (private parts) of your wife. By standing outside the consulting room when the male doctor examine your wife is Haram." 


Watch video of Hudawi's speech in Malayalam:


"Once the anaesthesia is given, (during delivery) women's aurat would be exposed to the doctors and nurses around. If a husband finds no issue in male doctors and nurses seeing his wife's private parts, he is committing a grave sin. Allah won't forgive them. Allah won't even look at his face, " Hudawi said


Hudawi had earlier courted controversy by urging Muslim to avoid participating in the festivals of other religions. He is a very popular orator among some sections of Muslims and expatriate Keralites in Gulf countries.