Recently, the Bangaloreans succeeded in protecting a massive number of trees after the proposed controversial steel flyover project was cancelled in view of the public campaign and apparent opposition by many. Though this has been seen as a victory of people’s wish, but there is more to the tale of vanishing greenery in the city. 


The BBMP is going ahead with the plan to expand the Jayamahal stretch, and it is planning for translocate above 5000 trees. The authority is already seeking permission from Tree Authority to remove or translocate the trees to start the road expansion project. 


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Apart from the proposed constructions and development project, in last almost in 9 years, Bengaluru has already lost about 18000 trees due to different development plans according to a report by Deccan Chronicle. 


Between 2008-09 and 2016-17 about 17,964 trees were cut for road widening, constructing flyovers and for other various projects. As per a BBMP forest department abstract, Namma Metro caused felling of 2840 trees, and different development projects led to the felling of 15,124 trees. 


Meanwhile, BBMP has claimed that this authority is also planting trees to compensate the loss of such high number of trees. However, a joint survey conducted by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) and the Indian Institute of Science carried out in the year 2014 shows that 40 years ago Bengaluru had 40 lakh trees which are 14.78 lakh till the survey was conducted.


Mere planting of trees is not sufficient and maintaining them is another issue that BBMP has to look into. In fact, soon BBMP will allow residents of the city to decide which tree they wanted to be planted in the locality and accordingly, this civic authority will plant the trees saplings, and the residents will have to maintain it. 


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Bengaluru is rapidly losing its greenery and its charm. The authority and residents need to act sooner before this city becomes unhealthy and unlivable.