Bengaluru: Three men have been detained for forging a cheque and withdrawing Rs 3.9 crore from the Ramamurthy Nagar branch of a private bank.

The police reportedly said that the manager of the bank’s branch in Nelamangala alerted them on Friday morning when the three suspects -- Parikshit Naidu, Guru and Rangaswamy -- visited his branch to deposit Rs 1.9 crore They are all residents of Harihara near Davanagere, Karnataka.

Earlier this week, a cheque of Rs 3.9 crore was deposited in the account of one of the three suspects in the Ramamurthy Nagar branch. It was cleared. 

The account holder withdrew Rs 1.9 crore from the same branch on Thursday.

The police reportedly said that the trio visited the Nelamangala branch of the bank on Friday and told the cashier that they wanted to deposit Rs 1.9 crore in the account of a private interior decoration firm in Ramamurthy Nagar in Bengaluru.

Since the amount was huge, the cashier brought the matter to the notice of the manager. The manager asked the accused to come to his chamber. 

The manager reportedly said that they started behaving in a very suspicious manner. When he asked them where they generated the money from, one of them said that they had received the money from the management of an NGO in Bilahongal in Belagavi district, Karnataka. He said that they had drawn the money from their account in Ramamurthy Nagar branch.

Not convinced with the reply, the manager contacted the police. 

Nelamangala Police reportedly said that they visited the branch and after hearing them, went to the branch manager of the same bank in Ramamurthy Nagar. He said that the cheque was deposited with the bank. But now it looked like a forged one. The police immediately alerted the Ramamurthy Nagar Police and they picked up the three men for questioning.

Police suspect it is a cheating case. 

They said that the person who signed the check is not available for comment. His phone is switched off. Every time they questioned the three men, they gave contradicting answers. 

According to the police, the three men would have stolen the cheque from the NGO and forged its chairperson’s signature. They will contact the NGO on Saturday for more information, reports said.