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Trump claims election fraud from White House, US TV channel cut away

Donald Trump's remarks prompted major television news networks like MSNBC to stop broadcasting the president’s remarks, which they claimed amounted to a 'series of undemocratic lies'.

US Election: Donald Trump claims major election fraud, Biden inches closer to 270 vote mark-VPN
Washington D.C., First Published Nov 6, 2020, 7:42 AM IST

Panic seems to have gripped US President Donald Trump as he took to the podium at the White House to claim a massive electoral fraud.

Addressing a news conference at the White House, Trump said: "If you count the legal vote, I easily win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us. I have already decisively won many critical states. We won by historic numbers. I have claimed certain states and he (Joe Biden) is claiming states. We can both claim the states, but ultimately I have a feeling judges are going to have to rule. But there has been a lot of shenanigans and we can’t stand for that in our country."

"We think we will win the election very easily. We think this is going to be a lot of litigation because we have so much evidence and it's going to end up, perhaps, at the highest court in the land. We can't have an election stolen like this," Trump added.

Trump also claimed that the media's polling before the vote was "election interference".

The remarks prompted major television news networks like MSNBC to stop broadcasting the president’s remarks, which they claimed amounted to a 'series of un-democratic lies'.

As MSNBC cut away from the White House, anchor Brian Williams commented, "Here we are again in the unusual position of not only interrupting the president of the United States but correcting the president of the United States."

Even Republicans have refused to endorse Trump's claims.

Republican governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan said there is "no defence" of the comments President Trump made at his White House briefing. 

In a post on Twitter, he said Trump's remarks were "undermining our democratic process".

"America is counting the votes, and we must respect the results as we always have before. No election or person is more important than our Democracy," he further said.

Another Republican, Illinois representative Adam Kinzinger posted on Twitter, "If you have legit concerns about fraud present evidence and take it to court. Stop spreading debunked misinformation."

According to media reports, Trump's lead in Pennsylvania is down to roughly 53,000, with at least 250,000 mail ballots left to count in the state. And in Georgia, where Trump’s lead over his Democrat rival Joe Biden has shrunk to 3,486, only 18,936 ballots remain uncounted.

Biden, who is within touching distance of the 270 vote mark, has registered a record 71.5 million votes and has said he will win enough states to become president.

"We continue to feel very good about where things stand. We have no doubt that when the count is finished, Senator (Kamala) Harris and I will be declared the winners," Biden told media persons in Wilmington, Delaware.

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