The murder of Latvian woman Liga in Kerala, while she was visiting the state, had put the state government under the scanner for not taking proper measures to protect the tourists and for lack of any progress in the investigation conducted. Proving all the claims wrong, the Kerala police had arrested two people identified as Umesh and Udayan who were taken into custody two days ago. While questioning, they initially gave misleading statements but later confessed to the crime.  It is reported that Umesh refused to confess to the crime but Udayan finally succumbed to pressure and revealed their involvement in the crime. The arrest, however, would be recorded only today as it took some time to sync the evidence which proved their involvement.

A chronically depressed Liga was undergoing Ayurvedic treatment at Pothencode when she went missing and the accused have allegedly confessed that the murder was committed amidst an attempt to rape. Although police haven’t obtained any scientific evidence to prove assault or rape, the statement by the culprits that was recorded earlier mentioned that they had physical relation with Liga after drugging her but later killed her as she resisted to it.

The arrest of the culprits would be recorded today before Liga’s funeral which is supposed to take place today. The scientific examination report of the internal organs and the forensic examination report are likely to be available today and both the reports are expected to reveal crucial details in regards to the case.