Bengaluru: Namma Metro is considered a boon for commuters in Bengaluru. It has facilitated faster, easier and efficient travelling in a matter of minutes.

Namma Metro has constructed several stations, both on the ground and underground as well.

But though there is a technology to facilitate such travelling, its implementation, vis-à-vis the construction quality can be disastrous, with shoddiness as the defining factor.

Currently, Bengaluru is facing copious rains. And these rains have spelled misery to the commuters at the stations as the roof leaks, all thanks to mediocre construction of the station.

A commuter said, “Rs 10,000 crore has been spent for the metro station construction. They should have planned it well and taken some precautionary measures to so that it doesn’t leak. Commuters are forced to use umbrellas in the station underground. One can notice the leakage in other stations as well.”

Though the officials have plugged the leakages, it is not with perfection. As they shut the holes in one place, it opens up in another.

“The platforms in the stations are not fully covered because we have used what is called green building concept. So when it rains, the water does splash and collects in different places. So whenever such leakages are spotted, we do plug them,” said Yashwant Chouhan, PRO of Namma Metro, speaking to a local channel.