Bengaluru: A 29-year-old gym owner in was arrested in Bengaluru for allegedly selling and injecting steroids to his customers.

The accused Sashi Kumar was reportedly working as an instructor at a gym in Chamarajpet.

According to reports, a police team led by sub-inspector Praveen KY stormed into the Ultimate Fitness Gym in Chamarajpet and found syringes, steroids and tablets. The police said that Kumar confessed to giving steroids to customers who were into bodybuilding.

“He sourced the steroids from online sellers, concealed the labels and charged excessive rates. He also sold steroids, which he claimed would help people lose weight,” a top police officer told reporters.

The police said that they have written to the Drug Control Department to test the drug and find more details about its side effects.

It is also said that the police began to probe upon learning that a few of the gym customers were developing health issues after allegedly taking steroids from Kumar.

The accused is in Chamarajpet police station for enquiring.

The reports further said that steroids would increase male sex hormone and protein synthesis in the body’s muscle tissues and rapidly increase in gaining muscles and therefore they hamper the body’s natural hormone secretion.