Bengaluru churches have instructed worshippers to take precautions and have instituted safety measures. These measures come after several religious places in the city were put on high alert after the Sri Lanka blasts.

Security was beefed up in several churches in Bengaluru after the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka. Few churches have gone so far as to prohibit worshippers from carrying backpacks during mass.

The Archbishop of Bengaluru Rev Peter Machado instructed churches across the city to take extra precautions by increasing safety awareness among people.

The Archbishop instructed worshippers to avoid bringing backpacks, to leave bags unattended at any time and to report any suspicious individuals if seen in the church. He added to his statement by saying that the measures are being taken for safety in the light of recent happenings, and that they don’t relate to any actual threats. “This move shouldn’t create fear or people to avoid the mass in church,” he said.

 “In order to ensure safety of congregation members, security personnel deployed in churches should be increased. Strict instructions should be given to security agencies to monitor persons entering and exiting the premises” said Bishop PK Samuel, CSI Karnataka Central Diocese.

He also added by saying people carrying large backpacks and bags should be checked, while vehicles entering or exiting should be monitored. Official stickers will be provided for the vehicles belonging to church members.

Many churches have already begun implementing these instructions by regulating entry and exit of vehicles in the premises and restricting access.

Security has been increased by posting police gunmen, installing CCTV cameras etc after consulting police.