Bengaluru: Bengaluru is a city that boasts of gardens and a cosmopolitan nature. But the city’s infrastructure is believed to be abysmally bad. Be it potholes or pavements, the city begs for some better facilities. While these issues plague the city, the BBMP is mulling increasing property taxes.

As per sources, the BBMP is thinking of increasing taxes by 20 to 25%. This is nothing but rubbing salt into the wounds as the BBMP and the BWSSB have already increased concerned rates.

In the financial committee meeting held a few days ago, the members have sought to increase the tax rates.

“The issue did come up in the financial committee meeting held last month. We have sent the proposal to the council as well. It will be discussed there. As far as I know, in CMC and many other districts, online taxes are increased once in 3 months, I year or 3 years. So, we thought, ‘why shouldn’t that happen here?’ The council members also agreed with the plan”, said Hemalatha Gopalaiah, chairperson, BBMP Taxation Committee, speaking to a local channel.

If the council does approve it and forwards it to the government and the government in turn clears it, the burden on the taxpayer is set to increase.

“The residents of Bengaluru have always struggled to pay huge taxes. Already this year, the BESCOM has increased electricity fare and BWSSB has increased water prices. If the BBMP increases the property taxes by 20 or 25%, I am sure this will affect the residents adversely. The BBMP is only looting money in the name of taxes,” said Sai Dutta, a social activist to a local channel.

If the hike does come into effect, this will be the highest in the last few years and will surely burn a deep hole in the pockets of citizens.