The CPI and CPI (M) were birds of the same flock before their bifurcation and their unanimous agreement on the political resolution is a call for a reunion. This call was loudly heard in the inaugural session of the CPI Party Congress at Kollam. The leaders asked for an opinion in this regard as the communist parties in Nepal reaped success in elections as a union.

CPI National General Secretary, Sudhakar Reddy said that it was necessary for the Left Wing to move forward with more unity and it is he who emphasized on the need for a reunion. He felt that it was the appropriate time for a reunion and his points were indirectly supported by CPM General Secretary, Sitaram Yechury when he shared the huge success of communist parties in Nepal. Yechury had a key role in the discussions on the unification of communist parties in Nepal.

The CPI had strongly put forward the concept of reunion in their party manual and the CPM’s agreement to their concept of a joint platform of the left-secular-democratic front has delighted them. Their reunion would help them maintain a strong front against the RSS-led BJP.

Yechury also explained the political resolution accepted in CPM Party Congress. He stated that the secular democratic powers should be united and an agreement should be made with the secular opposition parties on matters that can be agreed upon in order to gain anti-BJP votes.