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Paper bag day 2022: History, significance, facts and some advantages of using paper bags

The history, meaning, information, and images related to Paper Bag Day in 2022 are all provided here.

Paper bag day 2022: History, significance, facts and some advantages of using paper bags RBA
Bangalore, First Published Jul 12, 2022, 7:00 AM IST

The 12th of July is designated as Paper Bag Day each year. It's a day to promote paper bags instead of plastic ones. Paper bags are now more commonly used as a result of the harm that plastic bags do to the environment. Paper bags can be recycled and reduced, but plastic takes years to break down. By employing paper bags, environmental pollution may be reduced. Paper bags are biodegradable, and people are choosing to live sustainably.

History of Paper Bag:
Better paper bag designs and manufacturing processes were developed throughout time by a number of innovators, including Charles Stilwell and Walter Deubener. Francis Wolle, an American inventor, created the first paper bag machine in 1852. Margaret E. Knight created another device to make flat-bottom paper bags later in 1871. As "the mother of the grocery bag," she rose to fame.

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Every day, millions of individuals choose to use paper bags instead of plastic ones. This day will increase people's knowledge of the benefits of utilising paper bags. Paper bags may be recycled and will prevent pollution while also being biodegradable. They help lessen the amount of plastic that takes a thousand years to degrade and are ecologically benign. The environment will benefit from this.

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Some uses for paper bags:

  • Freshly cooked cookies can be cooled on a paper bag rather than on a wire rack.
  • Pack your possessions carefully to minimise the risk of damage by using paper bags.
  • Paper bags are a carbon source that is regarded as having brown compostable material.
  • By keeping veggies like onions and garlic in a dry environment, you may keep them for months.
  • Paper bags are great for carrying newspapers and plastic bottles; you can also leave them for recycling.

Advantages of using paper bags:

  • Paper bags have the benefits of being eco-friendly and renewable resources.
  • They do not leave any toxic residue.
  • It costs nothing and is reusable.
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