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How to pick the perfect workout shoes? Here are 7 ways to find your ideal shoes for your workout

It is essential to work out and helps you to remain fit and active. You always think about wearing a comfortable outfit for your workout, but it is also necessary to prioritise the shoes you wear. Here are the seven best ways to choose your workout shoes.

How to pick the perfect workout shoes Here are 7 ways to find your ideal shoes for your workout sur
First Published Sep 27, 2022, 12:53 PM IST

If you are a light runner or a gym freak, the pair of shoes you wear during your workout can make a huge difference in your performance. When choosing the perfect workout shoes, you'd want to choose the one that would be perfect for your workout or running style. So, here we have listed some factors you should consider before getting your workout. These will help you understand which workout shoes will fit you the best and how they can help you in your workout sessions.

Do your research: One of the first steps you should consider before getting into the massive market of shoes, whether it is online or offline. It would help if you constantly analysed your workout or running routine. So, before looking at general-use sneakers online, research the shoes that would be best for your workout style. You can also go to the nearest shoe sportswear store to check out and try all the types of shoes you can find.

Determine the type of your feet: One of the most important things to consider before buying workout shoes. The shape of the "arch determines the type of your feet." You can find out if you have low, standard, or high-arch feet with the help of a simple test. Just wet your feet and keep them on a paper towel to get the imprints. If you have a distinct curve at the middle of your feet, you have a normal arch. However, you have a low arch or flat feet if the curve is less prominent. But, if the curve at the middle of your feet to too sharp, you have a high arch.

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Choose the right category of shoes: There are three recognised categories: running, training, and walking. So, if you are a runner, wear running shoes specifically, as they are designed for running sessions. If you are a gym freak, you should choose training shoes. They will provide the best experience for most training and workouts and help you improve your performance. Walking shoes focus on comfort more than design as they are generally used by the elderly for their walks.

A deeper look at the features of your shoes: Before finalising and getting your workout or running shoes in hand, it is recommended that you consider checking the quality and features of the boots. These features are essential when it comes to the durability and comfort factor of the shoes.

Make sure the shoes fit perfectly: The fit of your shoes is one of the essential factors you should consider when buying workout and especially running shoes. According to experts, a pair of shoes can affect your running. If the fit is imperfect, it can cause foot issues such as sprains, heel pain, and other problems.

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Lacing technique of the shoes: Different workout shoes indeed have different lacing techniques, which impact the shoe's fit. Some shoes do not have laces and velcro to tie them up, while others have complicated laces designed to provide the best lacing experience.

Weight of your workout shoes: The weight of your workout shoes should consider when buying them. The lighter they are, the easier it would be to carry them during running or gym sessions. If you like heavier options, you can take more bulky shoes for your workout, depending on your workout type. Experts recommend choosing light shoes.

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