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Daily Horoscope for December 25, 2022: Good day for Gemini; be cautious Leo, Cancer

Chirag Daruwalla, who carries on the legacy of his late father and renowned astrologer Bejan Daruwalla, shares daily astrological predictions for December 25, 2022. Continue reading and share with your friends.

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First Published Dec 25, 2022, 1:30 AM IST

Ganesha says
you may meet an important person today, which will prove to be very beneficial for you in the future. If you take interest in some creative activities to give your work a new shape, you will also try to improve your lifestyle. Married persons may have some kind of disagreement with the in-laws. So it is necessary to maintain patience and restraint. There may be tension regarding the movement related to any kind of change of location. You will keep trying to achieve good results in the field of work and you will be successful. Husband and wife will not be able to spend much time with each other due to lack of time. Do not eat too much fried or spicy food.

Ganesha says
you can be busy in activities related to any religious planning. You will also take some resolutions to improve the standard of living. You can learn a lot from the blessings and experience of elders. Few people can take wrong advantage of your emotions. So keep a practical view. Children's education and career related activities may increase expenses. Take care that negative thoughts do not arise in the mind. Pay attention only to the current activities in the workplace. Spouse's support will strengthen your confidence. There will be pain in legs and tiredness.

Ganesha says
today will start with a pleasant event. Any important conversation with friends or colleagues over the phone will prove to be beneficial. Any matter related to land can be resolved. The means of income will increase, but at the same time there will be stress due to increase in expenses. People with a little negative activity can disrupt your work. It is better to stay away from such people. Business related to import-export will get beneficial contracts. Dispute may arise due to misunderstanding in marriage relations. Health will be good.

Ganesha says
trying to maintain proper order in the house will be successful. You will be able to face any adverse situation. Students will achieve success and decent results in study
related tasks. Do not make any travel program today. Focus on your own activities without interfering in others' affairs. There will be more work in business today. Blood pressure and
diabetes problems may increase.

Ganesha says
afternoon conditions will be in your favour. Any door may open for your advancement. It will just require more effort. Students will also get comfort and happiness
by getting the result as expected. Do not take any decision in haste and emotion. A breakdown of a vehicle or an expensive appliance can lead to huge expenses. Do not interfere in the affairs of friends and relatives. Business activities will be a bit slow. But your enthusiasm for work will make you successful. There will be tension between husband and wife regarding the arrangement of the house. Health will be excellent.

Ganesha says
the time will be mixed and fruitful. A few tasks may come in the way, but paying attention to them over time will lead to success. Brothers can get support in achieving the goal. It will be a beneficial opportunity for students involved in sports. The mind will be disturbed due to a little running in the financial situation. At times it may seem that situations can get out of hand. However, with patience and restraint you will overcome the problem. There will be some changes in business related matters, which you will be able to solve through wisdom. Good rapport will be maintained between husband and wife. Throat infection and fever problem may increase.

Ganesha says
today you will try to bring some change in your personal routine. There will also be relief from the tension that has been going on for some time. It is becoming a  perfect yoga for students to get success in any competitive exam. You will not be able to spend much time at home due to heavy work load. Inheritance works will also have some problem, due to which controversy is possible. Try to solve any problem calmly, you will get success. The ongoing difficulty in business activities will be removed. Good harmony between husband and wife will make the home environment pleasant. The problem of veinpain may increase.

Ganesha says
there will be discussions with family members for tasks related to home decoration and maintenance. Sweet time will also be spent in shopping etc. Youth will get good result in any work according to their hard work. Sometimes attention can be attracted towards some negative activity. So control your state of mind. Before taking any policy related to investment, get complete information about it. Any decision of yours in the field of work may prove to be wrong. Maintain sweetness in relationship with partner. Being dominated by negative thoughts can have bad consequences on your health.

Ganesha says
equality will be maintained in income and expenditure. Also follow Vastu rules while doing home repairs or improvements. Some problems may arise in the second half of
the day. But you can easily find the solution through your self confidence and competence. Bad relationship with in-law party can also spoil your impression. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Students need to pay more attention in competitive activities. In business related to glamour, art, beauty, success will be achieved according to mind. The emotional relationship between husband and wife will be close. There will be acidity and irritation in the chest.

Ganesha says
your special contribution will be to help others and solve their problems. Your social prestige will also increase. A close relative will be invited to attend a religious ceremony there. Don't lend to anyone, as it is not possible to get the money back at this time. Your mind may be distracted by small things. Control your mind. Any stuck work of yours in the field of work can be completed with the help of an experienced person. Marriage relationship can become close. Keep doing yoga, meditation

Ganesha says
respect will be maintained in your family and society. There may also be a responsibility of some social religious planning, which you will fulfil properly. Students and
youth should not waste their time in hanging out and spending time with friends. Try to solve children's problems calmly. Your attention will be fully focused in the field of work. Family life will be happy. Women should take special care of their health.

Ganesha says
you will be able to take many important decisions through your intellectual ability. Your attention will be diverted from wrong activities and completely focused on your
personal tasks. New plans will come to mind and you will start those plans with the help of a close relative. Sometimes your anger and impatience can create problems for you. Control
these defects of yours. In making any decision it is advisable to consult elders and experienced person. There can be any kind of politics in both business and job fields. Your special contribution will be in keeping the marriage relationship sweet. Health will be fine.

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