1. Gets rid of laundry odour:

Sometimes even after a wash, your bath towels and other clothes may still have some lingering odour. Get rid of this smell by pouring some mouthwash and give it a good rinse.



2. Dying plants:   

Resuscitate dying plants with a mix of mouthwash and water (1:3). Add this to a spray bottle, and spray this mixture on these plants regularly, and watch them come to life.

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3. Handy astringent: 

Run out of toners? Use a cotton ball dabbed in a bit of mouthwash and clean your face.

4. Animal pee:   

Get rid of animal pee by spraying the affected area with mouthwash.


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5. Blisters: 

Heal blisters by dabbing the mouthwash on the affected area. Do this on a regular basis till it goes away.