Are you one of those who constantly fidgets at social gatherings, or at work? Or are you one of those individuals who are easily annoyed when you see people restlessly shaking their legs or mindlessly clicking their pens? Well, there's some good news!

A recent Kickstarter project called Fidget Cube has raised $5,139,518 to date. It is referred to as “a vinyl desk toy,” and is created by its founders Matthew and Mark McLachlan of Antsy Labs. 

This is not their first invention, however. They have created other products, too, like the Trio, which is “an aluminium charging hub that works with any phone, tablet, and smartwatch.” Unlike its  present product, the Trio did not take off.

So what exactly is a Fidget Cube? Well, why don't you watch it for yourself: 


It is available for $19 on Kickstarter.