This humble grain called the finger millet or ragi as its locally known, is a staple in South India, and is a popular ingredient in Karnataka. In fact, it has been around since the Harappa civilisation. This hearty grain is said to have originated from Uganda and Sudan. It is incredibly healthy, and one should incorporate it in their diet more regularly.


Controls diabetes:   


Since ragi is a whole grain, meaning, unlike other grains which are processed, it contains all three parts of the kernel - the bran, germ and endosperm. Because of this, its loaded with more dietary fibres and polyphenols. This helps keep the blood levels in check.



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Good for weight loss:


weight loss

Because of its high fibre content, one tends to be more fuller and satiated for longer.


3. Youthful skin:  

youthful skin

A natural source of Vitamin D coupled with key amino acids slows down the ageing process

Recipe: How to make ragi malt