Visitor's register destroyed: Why police took 73 days to look for evidence at Kavya's villa?

First Published 12, Sep 2017, 11:29 AM IST
visitors register Kavya villa destroyed
  • Pulsar Suni had told police that he had visited Kavya Madhavan at her villa in Vennala
  • He also said that his name, phone number and registration number of bike was recorded in visitor's register
  • However, police found that the visitor's register was destroyed and security officials at the villa blame it on rain

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing actress attack case has found out that the visitor's register, at the villa owned by Kavya Madhavan.

Pulsar Suni, the prime accused in the case, had told police that his name, phone number and registration number of the bike was noted down in the register when he visited Kavya at her villa. 

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Now, the police have found out that the log had been destroyed. The security at the villa informed officials that the registers were destroyed in the rain. 

The SIT looked for the register to establish the closeness between Kavya and Suni. They are also checking whether the log was destroyed deliberately. 

Pulsar Suni had told police that he visited the actress in her villa in Vennala in April 2015. Following his statement, the investigation team had visited the villa on July 1. It seems that the officials did not take the register, which is a crucial evidence in the case, with them. 

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It took over two months for them to get back to the place in search of the register and by the time it was destroyed. However, the cops will have to spend more time finding out whether there was evidence tampering, while they could have easily got it if they were bit more careful.