Finally, actor Sreenivasan has revealed a big secret which he had kept to himself for over three decades. His marriage was a big deal, but not because it was the wedding of an actor, but because of the way, it was held. 

Sreenivasan, who is an acknowledged screenwriter, in fact, had a very different wedding, thanks to his imagination. He got married in 1984, and the whole idea was plotted at the sets of the film 'Oru Kadha Oru Nunakadha.' 

He had planned to get married at a registrar office. However, he had not informed anyone except actor Innocent about the marriage. 

Innocent handed over a cover to him in the evening with ₹400 in it. The actor reminds that ₹400 was worth thousands then. 

Innocent also said that he had to sell two bangles of his wife to make that money. Sreenivasan bought wedding saree for the amount. 

There was no month long preparations, and he did everything the day before marriage. By evening Sreenivasan's mother told him to buy 'Thali', mangalsutra and a gold chain along with that. 

He did not have the money. So, without thinking again, Sreenivasan went to the film set as the shooting was in Kannur, his native place. 

The actor went to meet Mammootty and asked for ₹2000 and said that he is getting married on the next day. Mammootty was surprised to her the news. Sreenivasan replied that he is getting married at a registrar office and is not inviting anyone. 

Mammootty gave the money but said that he want's to attend the wedding. However, Sreenivasan had to ask him not to come to the venue as his marriage will be stopped if the Megastar gets to registrar office. 

"No one knows me here, but you are a popular actor. Everyone will get to know if you come to the wedding," he said. So Mammootty agreed that he wouldn't attend the function. 
Sreenivasan states that he got married to a Hindu girl with the money of a Muslim and Christian.