Non-Hindus cannot enter the Guruvayoor temple of Kerala and that has made it a melting pot of controversies. Those who come to the temple should wear a dhoti, be it a man or woman. A new incident to add to this, is the ill-treatment of junior police officer witnessed in Guruvayoor temple. A north Indian IPS officer, who rarely knew how to wear a dhoti, turned to a junior officer, who was appointed to serve him. 


The junior officer was forced to help not just the IPS officer but had to serve his family and friends too. And this is not the first time. Junior officers turned to alleged slaves serving senior officers are common thoroughfare, according to reports. 


In this case, the duties of the junior officer include holding the prasadam kit, buying coconuts for the religious offering in Ganapathi temple and so on.


Earlier, a junior officer was transferred for not fulfilling the demands of his senior officer's friends. The junior officers will also have special duties during festival time. After one month, the ‘illam nira’ rituals, which means the offering of fresh paddy spikes, will begin in the Guruvayoor temple. Then, the police officers have to take paddy spikes to the homes and quarters of senior officials across the state. It will be their prime duty at that time.