Nisha Jose, wife of Kottayam MP and Kerala Congress (M) leader Jose K Mani, has come up with a shocking revelation that she was harassed by a senior politician's son during a train journey.

In what could pave way for a new controversy in Kerala politics, Nisha - in her new book The Other Side of This Life released on Thursday - has alleged that the son of a noted political leader from Kerala behaved indecently with her during a train journey from Thiruvananthapuram to Kottayam.

Nisha narrated the incident in the chapter titled ‘A VIP Train Story’ and states that she is also joining the #MeToo campaign.

“A lone woman, I stood on the platform waiting for the train's arrival. A few men here and there stared at me in the darkness... That’s when I noticed this thin man come forward to me and ask if I remembered him. Without waiting for my reply he introduced himself, care of his father.”

Further narrating the unfortunate incident in the train, she writes," “I was sitting crouched on my seat as far back as I could push myself, hugging my knees with only my feet popping out. Occasionally, his hand would ‘accidentally’ brush past my toes as he shifted his position. And every time, he did so ‘accidentally’, I was uncomfortable and felt violated. It was
turning out to be a nightmare of a journey, I firmly asked him to leave."

Though Nisha has not disclosed the perpetrator’s name, she does leave enough hints throughout the chapter for readers to make a calculated guess.