In a bizarre incident, the police arrested a man for digging up his mother's body from the church cemetery at Pathanapuram near Kollam and taking it back home in a gunny sack.

The incident came to light after devotees, who arrived at the Thalavoor Orthodox church for Sunday morning prayers, noticed that the tomb of Kunjeli, 88, who was laid to rest two months ago, has been dug up and opened. The church authorities then informed the Kunnicode police, who found that the body was missing.

Around the same time, a local resident spotted a body stuffed inside a gunny sack at a rubber plantation area near Kunjeli's house. In the investigation that followed, it was confirmed that the body was indeed Kunjeli's and that it was stolen from the tomb by her son Thankachan, who was taken into custody.

It is understood that Thankachan is not mentally stable. He has been booked under multiple sections after the church also filed a case against him for dishonouring a body which was put to rest in its compound. 

Several politicians, including MLA KB Ganesh Kumar, visited the church and inquired into the incident.