Kochi Metro started its commercial operations on Monday morning, with thousands thronging the stations to enjoy their maiden ride in the state's first ever metro service.

Though the Kochi Metro offers a comfortable ride to the commuters, it also expects a certain standard in behaviour from them. If you violate these guidelines, you will be slapped with fines or other forms of punishment. Let's take a look at what you need to know before you take a ride in the city's much-awaited rail service.

1 No big luggage

Since the metro is meant for daily commuting for people in the city, only backpacks and small bags will be allowed inside. Huge luggage wouldn’t fit through the security scanners at the stations and would also take up space in the trains. Hence if you carry a big bag, you might not be allowed to proceed to the ticket counters or platforms. Luggage checking at the stations is similar to that of airport security clearance and if anything dangerous is found, it would invite a jail sentence of four years and a fine of Rs 5,000.

2 These are not allowed

Liquor bottles, cigarette packs and inflammable objects like lighters, match boxes, crackers, kerosene and petrol are also banned in trains, whether carried in hand or inside bags. Packed food and vegetables in your bag will be allowed but food items which could spill cannot be carried inside the trains.

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3 No drinking/smoking

Anyone caught drunk during the security procedures, will not be allowed to take the metro and would also be fined Rs 500. Smoking is also strictly prohibited in the stations and trains, and could invite a similar fine.

4 Not your fast food joint

You can buy food and have it at stations with eateries but you cannot eat or drink inside the trains. Commuters who are found chewing gums or betel leaves during security check will not be allowed inside the stations.

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5 No graffiti

You could be a wonderful artist but if you decide to showcase your drawing and scribbling talents at the stations, trains or even the metro pillars on the roads, a six-month jail term and a fine of Rs 1,000 awaits you.

6 Mind your space

If you use foul language at the stations or trains or pick on a fight with a co-traveller, you will be chucked out at the next station and slapped with a fine of Rs 500. Also you cannot shout, sing aloud or play loud music from mobile phones or other devices in a metro train.

7 Your are being watched

Multiple CCTV cameras have been set up at every station, platform and train to closely watch the commuters live. Immediate action would be taken against you if any sort of violations of the guidelines is found.

(Photo courtesy: Kochi Metro Rail)